Based in Hamburg and Houston, TERRASYS’ international services focus on non-seismic technologies. We apply multi-disciplinary modelling and joint inversion tools for reliable geological solutions, e.g., to validate seismic velocities, in order to reduce model uncertainty and exploration risk, either on plays, prospects or reservoirs.




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Seeing Subsalt: A Step Forward in Integrated Depth Imaging

Seeing SubsaltAdvances in seismic imaging have changed the way we view salt bodies. Once seen as impenetrable barriers to geophysical probing, many salt structures are now proving to be thin blankets shielding rich reserves. Prestack depth imaging - consisting of both velocity/depth model building and ...





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TERRASYS White Paper WPJ-05A (pdf, 3.5 MB)


Reducing Uncertainty in Subsalt Imaging with Gravity and FTG

Subsalt ImagingSalt structures are challenging geophysical interpretation issues and need to be addressed properly. In this paper we discuss how non-seismic data can be integrated in the cycle of iterative depth migration and model updating leading to better seismic imaging results and a more ...





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TERRASYS White Paper WPQ-09A (pdf, 3.3 MB)


Completing the image with borehole gravity gradients

Well-FTGNew instruments for measuring gravity gradients are being developed and deployed. As their strenghts are particularly on the short to medium distances to the sources, borehole utilizations are obvious. We pick three possible applications, design ...







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TERRASYS White Paper WPQ-10A (pdf, 4.5 MB)

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